Drass Bell Handling System Upgrades

Boskalis DaVinci – Drass Bell Handling System Modifications

Orca were contracted by Boskalis to undertake a bell handling system upgrade scope onboard the DSV DaVinci during a ROV scope to minimise vessel downtime. A Technical scope on a short time frame the sort of scope we specialise in at Orca.

Boka DaVinci

Scope of Work:

The configuration for control of the twin bell handling system installed on the Da Vinci requires to be upgraded to allow for emergency recovery of both the port & starboard diving bells from one of two designated positions on the forecastle deck.

The configuration only allowed for operation of the system from the Dive Control room situated on the shelter deck, but it did not take in to consideration a catastrophic failure inside the dive control that would require all personnel to totally evacuate the room.

The system upgrade allows the operators to plug in a remote-control panel to either the port or starboard emergency connection junction boxes and carry out a full recovery of the diving bell from subsea back to the dive system complex.

The system upgrade consisted of the following:

  • Installation of additional transit frames & cable trays where required at various points in the system.
  • Installation of 2 x emergency JBs (plug-in points for remote panel)
  • Installation of additional cables as required for upgraded system
  • Wiring modifications carried out to Dive Control 2 x Bell Handling control panels
  • Removal of existing 2 x HPP JB’s on forecastle deck and replace with new connection JB’s & relay panels.
  • Full function test of system in normal & emergency scenarios.

Orca Approach:

Orca completed a detailed engineering scope including 2 vessel inspections, one on the sister vessel Atlantis and another on the DaVinci whilst alongside in Holland. This allowed us to have a detailed work plan and all required material delivered to the vessel during a planned crew change, to consider with a ROV scope to minimise vessel downtime.

3 weeks later Orca complete the upgrade workshop complete with Class and Client witnessed function tests resulting in zero vessel down time and we received the below feedback from the client.

Client Feedback:

“The Upgrade to the System was completed with a very professional approach with the OOS team onboard. I really do believe if they had not completed such a thorough/ focused approach then proving the system would not have gone so smoothly.”

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