Meet The Team

OOS has advanced technology in our very DNA from our founder’s involvement in the early days of remote systems and the pioneering early hyperbaric systems. 

Mike Masson

Managing Director
Career Highlight
Working and living in various countries i.e Singapore, Thailand, UAE & Spain.

Most Memorable Job
1995 Ninian South Platform, hyperbaric repair (CHURCH habitat).

When I am not working I'm:
Trying to play golf, watching football and playing with my grandchildren.
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Callum Masson

Commercial Director
Career Highlight
Being responsible for the commercial side of Mermaid Subsea during 2014-2015 in the Middle East was interesting, with 2 huge diving scopes all being tendered, awarded, and executed within months of each other.

Most Memorable Job
Talisman Arkwright IRM campaign. I bid the job in my first week in the Business Development department at Technip and 1 year later, Greig who had later moved to Technip as a Logistics Coordinator mobbed the vessel for the offshore campaign.

When I am not working I'm:
Playing golf, cycling and watching football.
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Greig Masson

Operations Director
Career Highlight
Travelling the world and meeting some great people on the way.

Most Memorable Job:
Maersk Garp project with technip, spent 2 years non-stop all over the UK dealing with loads 300te on a regular occurance.

When I am not working I'm:
Enjoying spending time with my family and ofcourse the occasional round of golf.
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Jill Masson

Office Manager
Career Highlight
Realising that you can have a complete change of career at 50+.

Most Memorable Job
Supporting teenagers with additional needs, and seeing them flourish into adulthood.

When I am not working I'm:
going to the gym and learning new DIY skills and of course spending time with my 3 adorable grandchildren.
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Laura Masson

Sales Administrator

Orca Oceanic Systems HQ
Unit 10-11 Bankhead Drive
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